How Will You Charge Your Tesla?

By Carl Morrison,

The least expensive way is to charge at home. 

I have used this setup for over a year with my 2020 Tesla Model 3.

These items are what you need to charge one or two Teslas using a dryer plug:

(Click any image below for a larger copy)

            (1) Split Volt  SplitVoltUnit.jpg  $250 (I have one for sale.)

             (2) 10 ft. and a 15 ft. Dryer Extension Cord  Cable,%2010%20ft.%20.jpg  $60 each
                    (I have both for sale.)

             (3)  Mobile Connector that comes with the Tesla w/20 ft. cord  ($0)


The mobile connector comes with a 5-15 adapter to plug into a 110 outlet.  See "5-15 adapter" chart above to see the miles gained per hour of charge.

By using your dryer plug and the NEMA 10-30 adapter below, you charge up to 7 times faster than the 5-15.  See the chart above for "10-30 adapter" to see the miles gained per hour of charge.

Gen 2 NEMA 10-30 adapter to increase the mobile connector from 110 v. to 240 v.

NEMA%2010-30%20Adapter.jpg  $30 (I have 2 for sale)

Interested in these items?  $590 value for only $430 for all 5 items, plus shipping.
This is all you need to charge two Teslas from an electric dryer plug.

E-mail me at  Subject:  Tesla Charging  Items are in Placentia, (Orange County) California, 92870.