Tesla Model 3 Continues to Lead
Report 17 by Carl Morrison,  August 1, 2021
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This is my Seventh report on our 13-month-old 2020 Tesla Model 3, Standard Range Plus, Rear-Wheel Drive, 19" wheels, Multicoat Red, and son, Matthew's purchase of a Model Y ordered May 11, 2021 posted at TeslaTouring.com/carl. 

In this report I cover:

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            1.  How Much does it cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle.
            2.  Complete Tesla Guide for Model 3/Y

            3.  Best Selling EVs 1st Quarter of 2020 to 1st Quarter of 2021.

            4.  What's The Best Electric Car? Tesla Dominates In The Ultimate Comparison

            5.  How is the Tesla business model working?

            6.  What is the predicted date for the end of the Oil Age.

            7.  Study: Car Buyers Are Opening Up To EVs, Tesla Most Trusted Brand

            8.  Can Hybrids reach the Paris Agreement's Goal?  If not, what can reach that goal?

            9.  Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, hotspot, and more

           10.  My Referral Number

How Much does it cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle.


The most interesting YouTube presenters about Teslas and Electric Vehicles (EVs) in general is "Now You Know" by  father and son, Zak and Jessee.  The article (title above) revealed these averages:

    Nationwide average costs to charge for a year:

Gas car                                     $1,260 yearly
EV using public charger            $1,058
EV using home charging           $662
EV at home with solar               $415  (This is what I have - 33% of a gas car.)

Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnqTfi2qD5s

YouTuber, BenjaminNelson, makes it easier to understand with these numbers:

An EV gets 4 miles per kWh and the national average for electricity is 13 cents per kilowatt hour.  (kWh) My electricity in Southern California is .15 per kWh.  So it costs me between 3 and 4 cents per mile.

Gas cars average in the US at 25 mpg.  California gasoline is about $4 .50 now.  That is 18 cents per mile.

If EVs ran on gas, it would cost $1 per gallon.  I can completely charge my Tesla 3   50 -kW battery for $7.50 and get 250 miles range.

Making electricity even less expensive at my home than the equivlalent $1 per gallon of gas is the fact that we have solar panels.

Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzuVDOaCZe

COMPLETE Tesla Guide for Model 3/Y

Andy Slye of Louisville, Kentucky, posts many Tesla Model 3 YouTube reports.  I found that watching this always reveals something new or that I have forgotten.

Pressing the "T" on the Tesla 3's touch screen brings up info. about your car.

Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFdxxEhsLzI&t=414s

Best Selling EVs 1st Quarter of 2020 to 1st Quarter of 2021.


Tesla had 4 of the top 10 selling EVs from 1st quarter of 2020 to the 1st quarter of 2021.  Tesla Ys and 3s outsold all the non-Teslas combined! 

What's The Best Electric Car? Tesla Dominates In The Ultimate Comparison

Maybe these graphs might explain why Teslas are selling so much better that non-Teslas:

Many folks think it takes hours to charge an EV, and therefore they cannot be taken on a long road trip.  Both points are correct except for Teslas!


This is what I am interested in with a 5,000 mile trip on the horizon in a few months.

I have driven a Tesla Model X on three 1,000-mile trips on non-Interstate highways, and the charging times were like the Tesla numbers above.  I....less than any  non-Tesla.  It is just too bad that those who purchase a non-Tesla don't know that a long road trip is just not as easy as they might have been told, or falsely thought.  I would like to see what EV a non-Tesla owner buys as their second EV.

Source: Engineering Explained  You Tube Program  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2txPzRP5DM

How is the Tesla business model working?

Tesla has no dealerships and does not spend on advertising; you can design your Tesla and order it only online by yourself.  Auto dealerships make more money on service and repairs than they do on car sales.  By 2022, Tesla will have over 1 million cars on the roads around the world.

Tesla being assembled.

Zak and son, Jesse, of "Now You Know" Youtube channel has started a segment called:  Elon The Disruptor!   This episode explains deceptive car dealerships and how Tesla gets past that negative experience at: 

What is the predicted date for the end of the Oil Age.

..EVs are coming sooner than predicted".

This article comes to Inside EVs courtesy of EVANNEX, which makes and sells after market Tesla accessories.

is that fossil fuel-powered vehicles will represent less than 1% of global sales by 2045, taking their place alongside sailboats and horses as nostalgic vestiges of historical technologies.

Europe will be the trend setter—EY predicts that EV sales there will surpass those of legacy vehicles by 2028. China will follow by 2033 and, sadly, the US will bring up the rear, achieving a majority of EV sales by 2036.

“A mix of changing consumer attitudes, ambitious climate-focused regulations and technology evolution is about to change the landscape of vehicle buying forever,” said Randall Miller, EY Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Leader.

The EY Mobility Consumer Index, published in November, showed that almost a third of non-car owners planned to buy a car in the next 6 months. Among all prospective buyers, 30% said they'd prefer an electrified vehicle.

Contrary to popular belief, the oil industry is not oblivious to what’s going on—oil giants are responding to the news in ways both positive (investing in EV charging companies) and negative (hyping hydrogen in hopes of derailing or delaying the transition to batteries).

Source:  https://insideevs.com/news/521860/evs-coming-ahead-of-projections/?fbclid=IwAR2obn9YwShHOFbxpJ54cMEZMgDksbJfcwRHwXgDD9JiqYbRzTdqLXw-3s0

Study: Car Buyers Are Opening Up To EVs, Tesla Most Trusted Brand

"Tesla earned top status as the most trusted company to make electric vehicles, and that trend continued, with 36% of respondents in this most recent study putting their faith in the company to develop EVs," reports Gazdik.

"More than half (57%) of respondents would be much more likely to consider purchasing an electric vehicle if gas prices were at $5 per gallon, and 26% would do so if gas were at $4 per gallon. Among those who plan to own an [EV] in the next 10 years, 73% would consider buying a new electric vehicle, and 67% would consider the SUV/crossover body style,"reports MediaPost's Tanya Gazdik.k. 

Source:  https://go.cargurus.com/rs/611-AVR-738/images/CarGurus-US-2021-EV-survey.pdf?_ga=2.262840012.1915073390.1618848893-1244988547.1618848893

Source:  https://insideevs.com/news/508633/ev-interest-rising-tesla-trusted/

Can Hybrids reach the Paris Agreement's Goal?  If not, what can reach that goal?



Nothing is as clean as an battery-electric vehicle considering manufacture to grave.

Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0Zf8LYd0P4

Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, hotspot, and more

Fred Lambert - Jul. 29th 2021 3:05 am PT  @FredericLambert

This article in Electrek surely caught my eye since I had not yet heard about Over-the-Air update 2021.24.


Tesla wrote in the release notes:

    “You can now watch Disney+ in the Tesla Theater app. To launch Tesla Theater, tap the Entertainment icon in the Application Launcher and select the Theater tab while your car is in PARK.”

With now Disney+, Tesla has now integrated all of the main streaming services.

Car Wash Mode

    “Car Wash Mode closes all windows, locks the charge port and disables windshield wipers, sentry mode, walk-away door locks and parking sensor chimes. For automatic car washes with conveyor belts, the Free Roll option shifts to Neutral and prevents the parking brake from automatically applying if you leave. To access Car Wash Mode, tap Controls > Service > Car Wash Mode.”

Mirror Auto Dim

For Tesla vehicles equipped with auto dimming mirrors,

“You can now enable or disable automatic dimming for your mirrors. To access, tap Controls > Mirror > Mirror Auto Dim.”

Dashcam improvements

“Dashcam can now automatically save clips whenever your vehicle detects the occurrence of a safety event (such as an accident or airbag deployment) Recordings captured are stored and never transmitted to Tesla. To opt-in, tap Controls > Safety & Security > Dashcam > AUTO To, lead more about how to setup and use Dashcam, please refer to the Owner’s Manual.

Range display

    “You can now switch between battery percentage and distance units by tapping the range display next to the battery icon.”


Remain connected to Wi-Fi in drive

Tesla is enabling the use of Wi-Fi hotspots when driving:

    “To remain connected to Wi-Fi when shifting into gear, tap the Wi-Fi icon > Wi-Fi Settings > Remain Connected in Drive. This is especially useful for users who wish to use their hotspots for connectivity.”

This is a big deal for those who don’t want to pay for Tesla’s in-car premium connectivity features. (I already pay for premium connecivity)

Finally, Tesla has also added three new language options in this new update: Hungarian, Romanian, and Russian

Source:  https://electrek.co/2021/07/29/tesla-releases-big-software-update-disney-car-wash-mode-hotspot/?fbclid=IwAR2DsOrZysgS8hx95v1bFSVRNwtWnOA386d_k31N8MNmfqKemH8v36VYIDQ

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